what we do?

We believe that Jesus is “The way and the truth and the life,” which is confirmed by how the world tells time by Jesus Life, Death and Resurrection.  The Truth Himself stopped time, paused to show us the Love of our Father, Creator God at the same time turned the hands of time in a new direction for a New Covenant that gives every man, woman and child a chance for access and to enter into the family of God; a relationship with The Truth Himself. 

We believe that truth is the light that keeps a nation, a city, a community, a family and a marriage together, showing us the way in this dark world.  Without the Truth we are lost and our nation and communities are in lawless chaos. 

Therefore, Stand4Truth seeks out truth in all seven mountains of culture that determine a nations direction and ability to remain a nation and share the truth as we know it, as it is being revealed to us from scripture, and applying that scripture the facts and evidence we use each day in the news cycles or our daily lives for the decisions we make.  We seek to source that information to help prevent those who desire to “re-write our history” and “erase the evidence” of how God has brought us to the day we now live in.   

We weave truth into the fabric of our daily lives, as it was meant to be by our Creator, strengthening society and nations by doing so, no longer allowing those who sought to repress truth, to quarantine truth to a “religious building” but to let the Light of God’s Truth shine down on all our lives in every aspect of society.  We learn from scripture that when “truth” is suppressed” wickedness increases and brings God’s judgement down on a family, marriage, community, city or nation.  Romans 1:18-23 

We feel by doing this many who seek truth and how God’s truth applies in their daily lives will benefit greatly from Stand4Truth as we personally do.   

All information, videos, audio and any other communication in the name of Stand4Truth.us or its contributors is our personal judgement (opinion) based on scripture.