#Prophecy #HermanCain said, “See, I told you, Trump was going to win overwhelmingly.” Was this only prior to COVID? Justice served on evildoer, the seat of the righteous rising and the seat of evil coming down, great wealth transfer and a great harvest of souls… Read details

#Stand4Truth #Prophecy #HermanCain said, “See, I told you, Trump was going to win overwhelmingly.” Was this only prior to COVID? Justice served on evildoer, the seat of the righteous rising and the seat of evil coming down, great wealth transfer and a great harvest of souls… Read details

I was given this prophetic dream July 7, 2020. Former presidential candidate Herman Cain was running a poll. Many people were saying, “anybody but Trump has won, so it’s over.” So, Cain takes a poll between two candidates; the left side is “the left” (DNC), and the right side is “conservatives” [Trump]. The poll on the paper, devise, was set up like a graph, and people would place their dot, or a dot would show where the voters stood on the candidate. You can see my best rendition of that graph in the image above. There were just as many options on the left as the right in regards to where that voter comes down on the issues, but still the left (no matter where their dot landed) it their dot (vote) landed anywhere over on the left side would be a vote for “the left” (DNC’s candidate, presently it’s Biden, but God didn’t tell me it was Biden, but “the left.”)

When the poll was finished there were virtually no dots on the left (i.e., almost no votes for “the left’s” candidate). There were so many dots on the right (representing American’s desire to vote for Trump) the dots formed a large image, as the dots/votes wherein a massive tornado shaped mas, on Trump’s side in the center of the right [like the shape possibly of a cloud, but concentrated together]. There were so many (dots) that it was like they began to spin as one mass, turning into what looked like a tornado.

Cain was saying, “See, I told you, Trump was going to win overwhelmingly.” It wasn’t an election (I don’t believe) but a poll. However, it could represent the election. I wrote at the time.

In October 2016, in a prophetic dream, when God showed me that Trump would be elected the President, it was much more clear than this “poll”, as in that prophetic dream, October 2016, President Obama walk me to the White House and said goodbye, and I opened the door, realizing it was the White House once I opened that door, and saw Donald Trump with his transition team, sitting on a couch. He had a look on his face of surprise that he had won, but a determination like, ‘OK, let’s do this.’ I walked up to congratulate him and shook his hand. It was then, in that dream, I learned how Trump shakes hands as he grabbed my hand tight, pulled me close, and held it there for some time. Then I saw the White House fill with all the different types of people that are in America, and the Lord showed me that Trump would be a friend to the Church and “the people” of America would get the White House back; once again becoming ‘the people’s house.” We’ve seen all that God told me come to pass. I share this not to lift myself up as the one who shared this prophecy, in the fear of the Lord TO LIFT UP GOD WHO SAID HE WOULD DO THIS! I share it for the purpose of encouraging you that God does nothing without sharing His plans so that His people can be encouraged and know those plans. Amos 3:7

Here is that prophecy posted on VFNKB.com, for October 3, 2016:

“On October 3, 2016, the Lord spoke to Greg Lancaster in a dream showing him that Donald Trump would be America’s next president; winning the election in November 2016, and Trump himself will be surprised that he had won…

Donald Trump will make the White House “the people’s house” as he will be giving people that normally don’t have access to the White House access; the “common man.” The White House will be full of Americans, everyday common Americans, and the people of America would be getting “their White House” back. The American government would become a “government by and for the people” and the White House will be known and realized as it should be, “the people’s house”, the citizens America’s house.” See posted prophecy: https://vfnkb.com/…/prophesy-donald-trump-will-be-next…

This poll, Herman Cain took in the dream of the American people in July was before the big fear that came over America because of the COVID plague, COVID was here, but it was still early in our understanding.

The Lord told me this on July 7, 2020, and on July 30, 2020, Herman Cain sadly, suddenly, died of COVID. Could this mean that though in July, America had overwhelming support for Trump wanting him to be in for a second term, COVID killed the chances for that? It was so dark to see how The Left with the Main Stream Media pushed COVID Fears, death counts, and liberty restrictions all over America 24/7, unconcerned that it was crashing our economy, violating our Constitutional rights and later discovered were, according to CDC, inflated counts. Even in the presidential debates, The Left (Biden) and the Leftist Media kept hammering COVID.

We will see, as the Lord reveals to us, what He plans to do. I know that God is not into overturning elections, He gives the people their choice of leaders, good or bad, because He gives us free will. There are benefits and consequences for our choices, but mankind gets the leadership he asks for; votes for.

If Trump did win the election, but there was election fraud, I pray, along with Christians all over America and the world, that the Lord will reveal this and turn it around and give America the President they voted for; every legal vote counted. God showed me in July 2020, that Americans wanted Trump to be their president overwhelmingly. I don’t personally think in 90 days (three months) enough Americans changed their minds between July 2020 and November 3, 2020, to cause Trump not to win the election.

It looks like election fraud in so many areas of America’s 2020 Election, but it will be our God, Who is Just, and His power to reveal this evil and return America back to the nation He first called it to be, ‘one nation under God, with liberty for all and equality according to the law, not according to outcome.’

MORE PROPHECY: God showed me He will serve justice on the evildoer, even though no one believes it will happen. He also told me, in the midst of great injustice, that the “seat of the righteous will rise, and the seat of evil will come down.” He told me that after He serves justice on the evildoer, then, wealth will be released, for the Greatest Harvest of souls the Lord has ever seen. He showed me that once the judgment happens, and the wealth is released [being simultaneous], He will begin to draw people to Himself in such a way it will be like a forceful river pushing its way through any obstacles to get to Jesus. He clearly told me, that there were injustices taking place, and that He that the seat of the righteous would rise and the seat of evil will come down to deal with these injustices.

Timing and conditions are in the Lord’s hand, for He is always right in what He does and His leadership. How God does what He does is up to Him, but He is a God of His Word, IF, we, His people humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways (sin) and pray. This election is not about Trump, it’s about God, according to what God told when he won in 2016, and didn’t know he would win and was surprised. It was God that brought Trump into the Presidency for God’s own purposes and it will be by God and for God’s purposes that Trump will continue to be president. It’s for the church, those who are God’s people, to follow our Great Shepherd, Jesus, as He leads us into His plans for the ages.

I don’t see God turning the world over to satan, at this time, because of His great mercies and purposes, though a day is coming we all can read about in the Book of Revelation, that such an event will take place. I believe this evil is being held back by God’s heavenly Host, Angels, from enacting their evil, Global plans. I also know that if God wasn’t holding them back, or decided not to hold them back, without hesitation, evil would have its way and we’d quickly go right into the time known as the Great Tribulation. For it is to this God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Whose Son was given to pay the price for all sin, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life, Who holds it all in His hands, that is holding back such evil, an evil the world has never known, we owe our allegiance and loyalty to. To Him, The Eternal, we bow down and worship for He reigns victoriously and His Son, Our King, Jesus, leads us in that procession.

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