“More people have Died from the Protests of Black Lives Matters, than prior to [the killing of an 8-year-old girl]…All Black Lives Matter…” Democrat Vernon Jones, U.S. Congressman

#Stand4Truth “More people have #Died from the #Protests of #BlackLivesMatters, than prior to [the killing of an 8-year-old girl]…#AllBlackLivesMatter…” #Democrat #VernonJones An eight-year-old girl was killed on July 5, 2020 by #Armed #Protesters firing their #Guns into a car where the child was inside of. *

Transcript (Rough)

although it shouldn’t matter mr.
president I’m kind of unique bird if you
will I’m a Democrat I’m an elected
official I’m african-american of eight
years or 12 years experience in the
Georgia House of Representatives eight
years as County exec and as County exec
I’ve had to manage a very large crime on
the largest police departments in the
state of Georgia but I’ve also had the
unfortunate experience of having to meet
with family members who lost a loved one
from a police shooting that was the very
problem the most difficult part of my
job but I’ve also had to deal on other
side where I lost two police officers in
one night among several others I lost I
lost two in one night by the way they
happened to be and to have been
african-american and going to meet with
their family members as well you lives
with young babies and having to
experience seeing them lose a loved one
is nothing anybody want to do but I can
tell you this mr. president by and large
most law enforcement officers those men
and women will honorably wear their
uniforms each and every day to go out
when they’re running towards a situation
others are running from it so we have to
stand with them and I’ll say this I have
two words we need more funding for
police officers not less funding and
here’s why I say that when you look at
law enforcement and the equipment that’s
important for them because it’s protect
and save their lives as well as saving
other’s lives but clearly more money is
needed to buy less lethal enforcement
types of tools like the bowler where
they call the bowler rap right we also
need resources for them officers usually
almost always only get the psychological
exam prior of being hired as part of the
examination getting hired
but afterwards they’re not given those
type of psychological exams or
assessments and when you look at them
they’ve been on a list ADA beat four or
five years non-stop the number of
they’re getting number of situations
that’s the way we can detect how they
burn out do we need to put them
somewhere else that’s important and
finally mr. president
clementa community policing is important
that relationship that trust being fair
but enforcing the law and most people
including black people they want law
enforcement to be out there forcing the
law I think people just want it to be
they want them to be fair they want them
to be swift in justice and we lost a
baby girl too in Atlanta eight years old
and it wasn’t to a police officer more
people have died from the protests of
black lives matter than prior to that
and so sometimes it’s here for Chris
because almost as if some black lives
matter but all black lives should matter
and all lives should matter so I thank
you mr. president for what you’re doing
and I stay in solid with you thank you
very much

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