#Judge #AmyConeyBarrett hearings. I decree a successful placement of Judge Barrett on the U. S. Supreme Court quickly in Jesus’ name.

#Stand4Truth #Judge #AmyConeyBarrett hearings. I decree a successful placement of Judge Barrett on the U. S. Supreme Court quickly in Jesus’ name. www.Stand4Truth.us

PRAYER: Father we lift up Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her confirmation hearing to be seated on the Supreme Court to You and we declare victory over these proceedings! Lord God set you angels to stand guard over her and her family and over each step of this process. We bind the mouths of those in the media who the enemy would try to use to slander Judge Barrett’s character or attempt to ridicule her or her faith. We declare and decree that every plan and strategy of the enemy to stop her nomination and affirmation be canceled and demolished in the name of Jesus. Turn all of the evil plans and curses back on the ones spewing those lies and remove them from their public platforms of influence. We call forth her quick affirmation that she will be seated on the Supreme court to rule over the election, voter fraud, the deep state, the persecution happening towards the church. To rule over the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, stopping the murder of our children and the sacrifice to Moloch in America! In the name of Jesus, we dislodge the assignment that Satan’s generals have over this confirmation of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court. We also break the power of the strategies, the communications, the systems, and the structures you’ve enabled Satan. We sow disharmony into the enemy’s camp. We declare God’s justice over you, your schemes and all involved from the greatest to the smallest in Jesus’ name.

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VOTE: November 3, 2020 #2020Election www.Stand4Truth.us
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*We didn’t want to have to create a website, but Facebook started blocking our #Stand4Truth Group 13 days from it’s start. To make every effort to get as much SOURCED TRUTH to as many people as possible to assure they are an informed voter when they vote, we hand no choice. See this post and video that shows you behind the scenes how Facebook is Blocking #Stand4Truth https://bit.ly/2YzPtAF
Find out more about Stand4Truth https://tinyurl.com/y2hyhwkf
Facebook Changing the RULES OF THE GAME! Not that they actually followed their old rule, but OCTOBER 1, 2020, their new guidelines support them in what they were already doing to this point which is: 1. #BlockTruth 2. #BlockFreeSpeech 3. #BlockFreeThought 4. #BlockAmericans who gave Facebook, and it's #Founder #MarkZuckerburg the #Freedom to build such a large company with #Protection from OUR #USGovernment defining them as a #NeutralPlatform, not an #Editor.
Nuclear New Guidelines read, "“Effective October 1, 2020, section 3.2 of our Terms of Service will be updated to include: ‘We also can remove or restrict access to your content, services or information if we determine that doing so is reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts to Facebook.'”
  • PragerU v. YouTube | August 19, 2019 | Free speech is in jeopardy. Big Tech behemoths like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are putting their thumbs on the free speech scale, “restricting” conservative content they don’t like. PragerU is fighting back with a lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company, Google. The real winner (or loser) will be the American public. In this video, Attorney Eric George, who is representing PragerU, lays out our case. Be the jury. | https://youtu.be/d6C6_NVj964
  • Facebook ‘Update to Our Terms’ October 2020: Here’s what that weird message is all about | September 2, 2020 | Christopher Zara | https://www.fastcompany.com/.../facebook-update-to-our...
  • Facebook Terms of Service | October 1, 2020 | https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms/preview
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