Stand4Truth was established 90 days from America’s November 3, 2020 election to shared sourced truth. Truth had fallen in the streets. It was being restrained by those who sought to transform American from a Free Nation, Free Market Nation to a socialist, communistic government where by all Americans would lose their U. S. Constitutional Rights, including the Bill of Rights and First Amendment which gives followers of Jesus Christ the right to boldly proclaim their faith and restrains the government from making any laws restricting religion.

I started to simply share the truth on a Facebook Group with whoever was interested to grow in knowledge so that they can be an informed voter on November 3. Only to discover 13 days after starting the Facebook group that there were ‘Global Fact-checkers” determining what Americans could say or not say as they began to block a post, share or say on Facebook. Global Fact-Checkers determining what one nation citizens, America, could or could not say blocking FREE SPEECH.  It was obvious that they were actually set up to “Block Truth” and “Confuse Truth” instead of “Verify Truth”.

Thirteen days from its start, Facebook BLOCKED the Stand4Truth group, stopping the daily flow of those wanting to join, blocking our ability to invite others to join, blocking the Facebook’s ability to scroll (which many take for granite) as we could only scroll down past the top 4 posts inside the operations of the group, to blocking migration from a private Facebook Profile to Public Figure to allow all the one’s who are wanting to connect and join us as “Friends” or “Followers” keeping us at a 5,000 maximum of followers, whereby being a public figure would allow unlimited followers and the ability to connect with our message. Blocking our group kept us from being able to see our members comments and reply or invite new members. They intentionally frustrated the operation system of our specific Facebook group. Never did they say what we were posting was not true because it all was. Their “Global Fact-checkers” challenged one post based in the “date it was said” from a sitting U. S. Senator. What he said, and what we posted was true. They block it because they felt we should have a specific date, which we quickly did and reposted. That’s it! They, along with Big Tech companies in the United States along with other U. S. Corporations are suppressing speech, not only in America, but the world. We as U. S. Citizens, as Global Citizens have to Stand4Truth before there is nothing left to stand on!

We were left with no other option, with 77 days left before the November 3, 2020 election, than to find someone to build this website for us to keep sharing truth.  We worked as hard and as fast as we could to get this website up and running and are continuing to work on it to this day.  we had to get with someone to build us a sight quickly to get the truth out.